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2011 Photo Galleries

Bacchus Marsh 11/12/2010

GMR 2011 Rider Lineup Shoot Maitland NSW

26th Feb Blue Rock 2 Dayer

20th Feb Newry 2 Dayer

13th March RD1 MX Nationals Broadford

3rd April RD2 MX Nationals Appin

10th April RD3 MX Nationals Raymond Terrace

26th March RD1 Jnrs Gippy Series Newry

27th March RD1 Snrs Gippy Series Newry

30th April RD2 Jnrs Gippy Series Bluerock

1st May RD2 Snrs Gippy Series Bluerock

8th May RD4 MX Nationals Murray Bridge

22th May RD5 MX Nationals Toowoomba

28th May Snr Vic Titles Newry

4th June RD3 Jnrs Gippy Series Wonthaggi

5th June RD3 Snrs Gippy Series Wonthaggi

19th June RD6 MX Nationals Coona

3rd July RD7 MX Nationals Albury

24th July RD8 MX Nationals Moree

30th-31st July RD9 MX Nationals Coolum

25th June RD4 Jnrs Gippy Series Cnr Inlet

27th Aug RD7 Jnrs Gippy Series Outtrim

28th Aug RD7 Snrs Gippy Series Outtrim

Jnr Vic Titles RD 3 2012

Jnr Vic Titles RD 2 2012

Jnr Vic Titles RD 1 2012

Snr Vic Titles RD 1 2012

2012 ATV Champs

Gippy Series Jnrs RD4 2012

Gippy Series Jnrs RD3 2012

Gippy Series Jnrs RD2 2012

Gippy Series Jnrs RD1 2012

Gippy Series 2011

2010 Photos

I try to take photos of every rider on the track so if you dont appear in my gallery please drop me an email 

with your bike number and I will get back to you with your pictures



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